Samantha O'Brien,

Owner / Childcare Director

For years, I have felt I would eventually run a childcare

center, but the timing never seemed right. My heart for

teaching young children has done nothing but grow

throughout years of education and experience.

After a great deal of prayer and discussion, it became

clear that this is the time to take a leap of faith in what I

know has always been my calling in life. It is my desire

to nurture and teach children according to their

God-given bent. Along with the help of others, I want to ensure that every child that journeys through our center knows they are loved and made for a specific purpose in this life.

Our Faculty and Staff


Our team is one of the best parts of what we have to offer.  We hire only caring, loving individuals who support the mission of our school and who want only the best for your child. 

Each team member has experience working with children and is excited to serve your family. 

Childcare and Preschool in Huntington, WV

New Beginnings Childcare and Learning Center, Inc.

New Beginnings Childcare and Learning Center, Inc.

Preschool * Childcare 

Education and Care You Can Trust

We are excited to meet and discuss with you who we are and why we are different. 

We have created a different approach for learning that partners with you in the

cultivation of your little one and their future. 

Please contact us today for a tour and to learn more about what

New Beginnings Childcare and Learning Center can do for your family. 


Your child's future awaits.



Whether your child is part of our childcare or preschool, we are confident they will receive the best in education - at exactly their own developmental level.


We welcome both LINK and private pay.

Please call 304-525-8388 for rates.

Welcome to an amazing New Beginning!

What You Can Expect From Us

There are many things you can expect to receive from our center.  We cannot cover them all here; however, we can certainly highlight a few of things that are most important to us.  The primary goal we have is to provide a safe, loving environment for all children in our care.  There are no exceptions to this.  Every child that walks through our doors is valued and appreciated for whom they are.  We believe there is no such thing as "a bad kid" and we treat each child as the beautiful creation they are; further, we ensure that they leave each day having felt this from each of us.  We do not yell or scream at your child, nor do we use any type of corporal punishment.  Part of the safe, loving atmosphere is the calm we offer - even in the midst of what may appear to sound like chaos (we do let them play and "get loud" when it is playtime and still have no need to raise our voices to reign it all back in for the next project).  

We constantly teach in all we do - whether manners (we show your child the exact respect we request they show us and others), numbers, letters, days of the week, etc.  One of the greatest compliments we have received was having a parent say, "He tells us all he does is play and have fun - but he has learned so much there!  In two months he has better manners, knows his days of the week, months and most of the alphabet!"  That tells us we are doing our jobs well - the children are well-adjusted, full of joy and having so much fun they don't even realize they are "learning". 

We provide up to three meals and snack each day (depending on the time they are with us).  You never have to worry about your child having a hungry belly while at our center.  We provide meals designated as "healthy" by the USDA which always include a combination of all necessary food groups. We strive to provide not only healthy meals but also meals each child will enjoy.

We pay close attention to your child's daily moods and needs and will keep you apprised of both our observations and what we do to help them.  We do our best to partner with you on special needs your child may have.  For example, we work with parents and WV Birth to Three to help to the babies with their "homework" where possible. 

We also work very hard to provide a clean, safe environment for children of all ages.  In addition to things like sweeping, mopping and cleaning daily, we wash their personal blankets weekly and give them fresh, clean cot sheets for nap time.  Do we have to do these things?  No...  And yet we do - because we treat your child the way we would want our own children to be treated. 

What we offer:

  • Loving Atmosphere
  • Safe environment
  • LINK accepted
  • Private pay accepted
  • Flexible hours
  • Full or Part-time available
  • Infant care
  • 2-3 year-old care
  • 4-5 year-old care
  • Preschool
  • Rural setting
  • Loving staff
  • Developmentally challenging
  • Equal opportunity provider
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Open-door grievance policy
  • Solution-oriented operations

Our Facility


With 39 acres in rural WV, our students have access to a natural setting for planned play and controlled exploring of the outdoors they may not normally get to experience. 

They will have opportunities to play on a playground, have planned excursions (with the group), garden and even get to eat what they sow! 



Through the eyes of a little builder... 

New Beginnings Childcare and Learning Center

4520 Prices Creek Road Huntington, WV 25701


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